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About Harold Doby, a Hometown Hero, and Today’s Coat Drive

Doby and childhood friend Reggie Middleton, two former NCAA standouts turned entrepreneurs and community servants, will host a Coat Drive Sunday between 12:00 and 3:00 at Middleton’s Came From Nxthing shop in downtown Augusta.



Some of the links in our posts are "affiliate links". We may receive commissions for any purchases made through those links. Read our full affiliate disclosure to learn more.

Harold Doby (left) and Chad Cook in June 2019

Harold Doby organized a “Coat Drive” today from 12:00 to 3:00 at Reggie Middleton’s “Came from Nxthing” retail shop downtown. Harold said after he gathers the coats he will take them to under the 13th Street bridge to hand them out. If he has coats left over his next stop will be the Department of Family and Children’s Services.

Harold is a unique and commendable man. In addition to his current extensive career in a local chemical factory, he and Reggie work together and invest to start various entrepreneurial endeavors. And his charitable work, like the kind he is doing today, has almost too long of a record to detail here.

Some people might remember him from his All-Conference Augusta University basketball playing days, or his standout high school run at Laney. And they might even have an imprint in their mind from his being unfortunately spotlighted in the local media after being reprimanded by local law enforcement for being tangentially involved in a couple matters that, honestly, do not reflect poorly on his character or his behavior, as anybody who knows Harold, or the details of those matters, would confidently attest to.

So on a Sunday morning, during church time, I think it’s an appropriate time to tip a hat to a hometown hero of mine. And if you have a coat that somebody can benefit from receiving, consider going and donating to a good cause.

The Coat Drive will be hosted at the Came From Nxthing retail shop located at 120 James Brown Blvd. Augusta, GA.

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