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Lloyd Leads Aquinas to Double Overtime Win over Josey

First of two back-to-back games should help Irish prepare for coming region stretch.



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#4 Justin Lloyd – Aquinas

Aquinas 11121591764

   Aquinas – Camden Parada 2 0-0 5, Patrick Green II 4 2-12 12, Justin Lloyd 9 4-8 24, Jacquez Merriweather 3 1-2 8, Lorick Howard 3 1-2 7, Alex Cosper 0 2-2 2, Charle Bussey III 2 3-8 7. Totals: 23 13-34 64.

    Josey – Quay Trumpler 0 1-4 1, Zaveon Phillips 2 1-7 5, R. Ruffin 3 5-5 12, Clarence Ruffin 9 4-5 24, Pooser 3 1-2 7, Tellis Rios 4 1-2 9. Totals: 21 13- 25 58.

Three-point goals – Aquinas: 4 (Parada, Lloyd 2, Merriweather). Josey: 2 (Ruffin).

Justin Lloyd scored 24 points to lead Aquinas to a 64-58 double overtime win over Josey at home Tuesday. Lloyd, a sophomore, scored or assisted on 6 of Aquinas’s 10 points during the decisive second extra period. Aquinas head coach Patrick Green made special mention of Lloyd’s two assists during that stretch to Lorrick Howard, whose field goals eventually put the Fighting Irish ahead for good at 62-56 with 1:00 minute remaining.

“Justin’s been a great scorer for quite some time. He averaged 12 ppg as a freshman and is right at 16 now as a sophomore. He can typically get whatever shot he wants at all levels, Green explained. “We definitely need his point production. I thought two of his biggest plays came when he penetrated and found an open man for layups late in the game. He’s a really confident kid and I only see him getting better.”

Josey forced the second overtime period when Clarence Ruffin, who led the Eagles with 24 points, deflected an Aquinas inbound pass with 10 seconds remaining on the clock, and Zavion Phillips converted a layup on the other end to tie the game at 54. It was the second time the Eagles fought off defeat with time ticking off the clock. During the fourth quarter, Tellis Rios made an 18-footer with 26 seconds remaining in regulation to tie the game at 48. Rios’s bucket answered a layup on the other end by Patrick Green II, who scored 12 points in the win.

After going 19 days without a game, Green emphasized how valuable the opportunity to play Tuesday was for his team, which will host Hephzibah Wednesday night before opening region play Saturday with a home game against Savannah Country Day.

“I just want to say how proud I am of our guys for competing until the very end. We’re a young team and we continue to show improvement,” Green said. “I definitely think it’s to our benefit to get these games in with Josey and Hephzibah. Thankfully I thought our conditioning was pretty good tonight even after the layoff, but offensively it was obvious we weren’t in rhythm. Hopefully we can get it back before this tough region stretch. I truly believe we have a chance to be in contention in our region. We’ve competed against some quality teams so far. Those dogfights will only make us better.”

Saturday’s game will kick off a three-region-games-in-eight-day stretch for Aquinas (3-6), so coach Green has already identified specific ways he would like to see his team improve Wednesday against Hephzibah in order to get more prepared for league play. The Fighting Irish only made 14 of 34 free throws against Josey, so he started there.

“There’s a lot of areas of improvement for us, but the free throw line is the biggest,” Green explained. “We left way too many points off the scoreboard. We’re too good of a shooting team to not get that corrected. I’m happy we got to the line but we’ve got to knock those down. I also want to see us cut down on turnovers. We certainly can’t play loose with the ball and expect to beat Hephzibah.”

Josey (0-4) will next take the court in January. The schedule shows the next game for the Eagles to be January 8, at home against Putnam County.


#12 Caroline Jackson – Aquinas 

Aquinas 48101537

 Briarwood – Gracie Bridges 1 2-4 4, Mackenzie Parrish 1 0-0 2, Phoebe Brooks 2 2-4 6, Finlay Florence 6 0-0 12, Mattie Grae Cheely 2 0-0 5, Kennedy Mosley 8 4-6 22. Totals: 20 8-14 51.

    Aquinas – Susie Hagler 1 0-3 3, Le’Landra Jarvis 5 1-2 12, E. Gladd 3 0-2 7, Caroline Jackson 5 3-4 14, Carlisle Overstreet 1 0-0 2. Totals: 15 4-10 37. 

Three-point goals – Briarwood: 2 (Cheely, Mosley). Aquinas: 4 (Hagler, Jarvis, Gladd, Jackson). 


MTTM Podcast: Coach Darren Douglas

Coach Douglas talks growing up in Louisiana, moving to Augusta, becoming a coach and winning a State Championship at Aquinas in his second year!



Some of the links in our posts are "affiliate links". We may receive commissions for any purchases made through those links. Read our full affiliate disclosure to learn more.
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If You Build It, They Will Come: The Mysteries of Viral YouTube and the NBA 2K Franchise

This is a simple story about two universal mysteries that fatefully converged on a YouTube video created by our friend and special contributor, Seth Wesley.



Some of the links in our posts are “affiliate links”. We may receive commissions for any purchases made through those links. Read our full affiliate disclosure to learn more.

For over a year now, it seems like every day has featured a headline for the ages. Between the sudden death of a sports icon, a global pandemic, and a neverending political circus, news has become increasingly synonymous with doom and gloom. This is no such news story.

This is a simple story about two universal mysteries that fatefully converged on a YouTube video created by our friend and special contributor, Seth Wesley, of 4th Take Productions and Aug Bball.

About a week ago, one of Seth’s videos started a viral upswing. The kind of stuff YouTube dreams are made of. The relatively humble production went from 62 views and zero comments on February 16th, to over 40K views and 122 comments at the time this is published. 

The video itself is nothing fancy. It’s a 49-second clip from NBA 2K15 that features a player getting ejected from a game. The scene is mildly hilarious in its Disneyesque depiction of a heated NBA confrontation. “What?! You gonna toss me? You should kick his sorry butt out.”

What’s so mysterious about that? Well, this particular video was uploaded 6 years ago and has received no promotion whatsoever! Not only that, but the YouTube account itself has been inactive for months. So the curious content creator naturally asks the million-dollar question: What the hell made this YouTube video go viral?!

Avid NBA 2K fans may remember the days of player ejections with a mix of nostalgia and dull irritation. For us, it led to a second million-dollar question: What the hell are the developers of the NBA 2K franchise doing?!

The graphics for the 2K21 version of the game are only slightly better than the 2K15 installment. A straw poll of the comment section reveals that many players actually prefer these unpredictable – if not silly – game additions, to the current add-ons that only seem to prod players toward microtransactions.

Also within the comments is a clue to the first mystery: Why the hell is this video going viral?! It seems that most of the commenters found the video through YouTube recommendations. Of course, that raises another question. Why would YouTube all of a sudden recommend a forgotten, six-year-old clip from a videogame that is almost certainly no longer being played? 

We may never know the answer to that question or the other half of this mystery: What the hell the NBA 2K developers doing. And while we can offer theories, we have no sources on this front so your guess is as good as ours. One thing we do know is that the player ejections and cutscenes we found going down this NBA 2K rabbit hole are some of the hilarious and cringeworthy content you will see on the internet today.

If you or someone you know is a Georgia/South Carolina-based gamer that would like to be a special contributor to Zone706, contact us!

For consultation on how you can monetize your digital content, reach out to

If you’d like help streaming your own production, or you simply want to ask Seth why he was losing so badly to the NBA 2K A.I., you can reach him at

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