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Driskell Dominates and Pratt Shines in Greenbrier’s Win Over Richmond

Full Game Report includes a look at Richmond’s Cameron Thomas, who scored 27 points in the loss, as well as a breakdown of Davin Driskell and fantastic freshman Khaleel Pratt’s game



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Andrew Black – Greenbrier (November 2019)

School 1Q2Q3Q4QFinal 
Greenbrier 1418121458
Richmond 79211249

    Greenbrier – Cyrus Wilder 3 8-8 16, Hampton Goff 2 1-2 5, Andrew Black 1 1-1 3, Kai-Aire Rhodes 1 0-0 2, Davin Driskell 5 2-2 12, Khaleel Pratt 4 0-0 11, Sean Edewor 3 0-0 7, Levi Wahl 1 0-0 2. Totals: 20 12-13 58.

    Richmond – Keon Jones 1 0-0 2 , Cameron Thomas 9 6-6 27, Josh Cody 3 1-1 8, Juvares Safford 1 2-2 5, Marquese Hester 1 2-2 4, Chris Murray 1 1-1 3. Totals: 16 12-12 49.

Three-point goals – Greenbrier: 6 (Wilder 2, Pratt 3, Edewor). Richmond: 5 (Thomas 3, Cody, Safford).

Greenbrier topped Richmond 58-49 Saturday as Cyrus Wilder (16 points), Davin Driskell (12) and Khaleel Pratt (11) led the way for the Wolfpack, which improved to 4-5 overall before hitting the road next week for a pair of region games as well a non region matchup against a familiar rival.

Saturday’s win was sealed during a 90-second fourth quarter spurt that was uninterrupted by a whistle. The stretch began and ended with made three pointers by Wilder. In between those bombs were two blocked shots by Driskell and an impressive drive and finish by Pratt. By the time Richmond coach Steve Nobles could call timeout at the 2:51 mark, Greenbrier had run off 8 unanswered points and taken a 54-41 lead that would go unthreatened the rest of the way.

Before the Wolfpack’s decisive run, Richmond had forged its way back into contention during the first 12 minutes of the second half, steadily eating into Greenbrier’s 32-17 halftime cushion that was established after Pratt nailed a three pointer, one of three in the game for the freshman, from the top of the key right before the second quarter buzzer sounded.

The Musketeers edged their way to within 5 points with 4:27 remaining in the fourth quarter when Keon Jones corralled a defensive rebound, pushed the ball up the court and made a pull up jumper from 15 feet to make the score 46-41.

Until Wilder and company slammed the door on the comeback attempt late in the fourth quarter, Richmond had refused to go away. Much of the credit should go to Cameron Thomas, who scored 27 points and nabbed 4 steals, putting on one of the best overall individual performances I’ve seen this season.

A Closer Look at Davin Driskell and Khaleel Pratt

After reporting on Greenbrier’s December 19th win over Augusta Christian, Saturday’s game was the Wolfpack’s second in a row that Zone706 has covered, even though the two games came 14 days apart. Wilder led the team in scoring in both outings, and we heard from Greenbrier head coach Dee Howard about his senior guard in our December 20th Full Game Report.

Davin Driskell – 6’6” Junior – Greenbrier

This time I wanted to know all about what Dee thinks about Driskell and Pratt. Driskell, a 6-6 junior who snagged 8 rebounds and swatted away 6 shots against Richmond, also stars on the Wolfpack football team, so his court time has been more limited. But since his emergence as a force during his sophomore season, I have yet to watch him play a basketball game and see him fail to make a major impact.

Khaleel Pratt – 6’3” Freshman – Greenbrier

Pratt is unique among the area’s standout freshmen, and in some ways even compared to the area’s best players regardless of class. He’s a 6-5 guard with a beautifully simple shooting stroke that is devoid of any wasted motion. And when asked to, he plays the point guard’s role seamlessly because he has a great feel for the game and advanced ball handling and passing skills. You’ll see below that Howard, a former Augusta University star player, specifically mentions Pratt’s ability to be a shutdown defender on the perimeter, and to attack the basket off the dribble.

Add it all up and I’m left to wonder if “the freshman,” which is what Dee called Pratt in our text exchange after the game, has any real weaknesses. I guess we’ll find out as we get deeper into region play, and eventually the post season. Here’s Greenbrier head coach Dee Howard on his promising inside-outside combo, Davin Driskell and Khaleel Pratt:

Greenbrier Head Coach Dee Howard on Driskell and Pratt:

Dee Howard – Head Coach – Greenbrier

Davin is definitely a difference maker with his inside presence. He biggest strength is on the defensive end with his ability to block and alter shots. Also cleaning up the glass with defensive rebounds. He’s continuing to get his bearings together on the offensive end. I believe he will continue to progress offensively with repetition in practice and game play experience.

The “Freshman” definitely still has room to grow and a few areas of improvement, but all in all I’m very pleased with the way he’s been playing! He can score in many different ways, and most impressive is his ability to get downhill. His shot has always been there, and he’s just letting the game come to him a little 


Defensively at his height he has the ability guard on the perimeter and contest shots at the basket as well as rebound! 

He can play… has a mature game. His upside/ceiling is very high.

Looking Ahead

Greenbrier will travel to Clarke Central Wednesday and to Walnut Grove Friday before visiting Evans Saturday in a non region matchup.
Richmond (2-5) will play three region games this week. Tuesday’s game will be on the road against Harlem. On Friday the Musketeers will host Thomson, and Richmond will travel to Hephzibah Saturday.


MTTM Podcast: Coach Darren Douglas

Coach Douglas talks growing up in Louisiana, moving to Augusta, becoming a coach and winning a State Championship at Aquinas in his second year!



Some of the links in our posts are "affiliate links". We may receive commissions for any purchases made through those links. Read our full affiliate disclosure to learn more.
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If You Build It, They Will Come: The Mysteries of Viral YouTube and the NBA 2K Franchise

This is a simple story about two universal mysteries that fatefully converged on a YouTube video created by our friend and special contributor, Seth Wesley.



Some of the links in our posts are “affiliate links”. We may receive commissions for any purchases made through those links. Read our full affiliate disclosure to learn more.

For over a year now, it seems like every day has featured a headline for the ages. Between the sudden death of a sports icon, a global pandemic, and a neverending political circus, news has become increasingly synonymous with doom and gloom. This is no such news story.

This is a simple story about two universal mysteries that fatefully converged on a YouTube video created by our friend and special contributor, Seth Wesley, of 4th Take Productions and Aug Bball.

About a week ago, one of Seth’s videos started a viral upswing. The kind of stuff YouTube dreams are made of. The relatively humble production went from 62 views and zero comments on February 16th, to over 40K views and 122 comments at the time this is published. 

The video itself is nothing fancy. It’s a 49-second clip from NBA 2K15 that features a player getting ejected from a game. The scene is mildly hilarious in its Disneyesque depiction of a heated NBA confrontation. “What?! You gonna toss me? You should kick his sorry butt out.”

What’s so mysterious about that? Well, this particular video was uploaded 6 years ago and has received no promotion whatsoever! Not only that, but the YouTube account itself has been inactive for months. So the curious content creator naturally asks the million-dollar question: What the hell made this YouTube video go viral?!

Avid NBA 2K fans may remember the days of player ejections with a mix of nostalgia and dull irritation. For us, it led to a second million-dollar question: What the hell are the developers of the NBA 2K franchise doing?!

The graphics for the 2K21 version of the game are only slightly better than the 2K15 installment. A straw poll of the comment section reveals that many players actually prefer these unpredictable – if not silly – game additions, to the current add-ons that only seem to prod players toward microtransactions.

Also within the comments is a clue to the first mystery: Why the hell is this video going viral?! It seems that most of the commenters found the video through YouTube recommendations. Of course, that raises another question. Why would YouTube all of a sudden recommend a forgotten, six-year-old clip from a videogame that is almost certainly no longer being played? 

We may never know the answer to that question or the other half of this mystery: What the hell the NBA 2K developers doing. And while we can offer theories, we have no sources on this front so your guess is as good as ours. One thing we do know is that the player ejections and cutscenes we found going down this NBA 2K rabbit hole are some of the hilarious and cringeworthy content you will see on the internet today.

If you or someone you know is a Georgia/South Carolina-based gamer that would like to be a special contributor to Zone706, contact us!

For consultation on how you can monetize your digital content, reach out to

If you’d like help streaming your own production, or you simply want to ask Seth why he was losing so badly to the NBA 2K A.I., you can reach him at

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