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6 Bites In: Christmas By Craft & Vine

Scott Russell from ‘6 Bites In’ dives in to the festive cocktails and delicious food Craft & Vine is featuring during their ‘Christmas Vacation’ theme!



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Once again the amazing team at Craft & Vine has me in my holiday feels with their Christmas Vacation theme going on for the rest of December! The entire menu is mouth watering between the festive cocktails and delicious Christmas themed food.

While I recommend it all, I’m just going to focus on my three favorites: The deviled eggs are always the perfect dish to start the night with. Then I dove into the spice crusted NY strip, which was cooked to perfection and more than enough to share with the table.

But, my absolute favorite of the night was the wreath flatbread pizza, it was the perfect combination of pepperoni, arugula and peppadew peppers! Oh, and I can’t forget to highlight my two favorite cocktails of the night: The Peppermint Patty and the Grand Muletide!

Be sure to get on their online waiting list that opens up at 5pm because this is one of the hottest Christmas spots in town! Thanks again to the amazing staff at Craft and Vine for a very festive night and for helping to get the city in the holiday spirit!



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